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Edward is MINE, bitch.

How many ways can I molest a cardboard Edward you ask? Oh PLENTY.

Boom I fucked your boyfriend....

I got your leg hitch, bishes.

Now I get to stalk HIM....HEEHEEHEE

Thanks to my work bestie, Nick for playing Herb Ritz and totally enabling me. <3
Thanks to my little sister for giving me my own Edward for my birthday!



You are, by far, the cutest EVER (besides Heart). And I love you and your cardboard cutout. I also see how you are chilling with him at WORK, as opposed to at home with the Rickmeister.
YOU ARE!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

He is going home with me, so that he can lurk in the corner of my writing room. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
You'll have to take a picture of Rick sulking on the chaise. ;)
Holy shit. I just realized what your SHIRT says.

You're a geek and I love you long time.
Sister got me 2 shirts and a hoodie. I'm too cool for school.

Rick will TOTALLY be sulking on the chaise. :(
HAHAHAHA I LOVE to see those pics!! LMAO!!

Hey we all gotta rise to the occasion and support do our patriotic duty!
That looks like fun! I want to molest an Edward carboard too!
(And maybe you too, because you are so pretty.... :D)
awww thank you my dear!!<3<3<3

It was fun, too much fun! I may need to pose with him again. }:)
oh em gee you are adorable!
and i think y'all make a lovely couple. js. js.
Edward's...um...workin' it in that second shot there. *gigglesnort*
PS-I'm jealous!
Thank you, bb!! I think we make an adorable couple too!!

He's definetly working it and he knows how. 107 yr old virgin MY ASS! ;)
You're so adorkable. Look at choo, getting busy with the cutout! And...at work!
Heehee. Thanks, my dear! Thank GOD my boss lives in a different state. JS. ;)
Heehee. I can't imagine the grief you'd catch if the boss were in town. :D

smooches and hugs and love for the birthday! *Snort* and now that I'm on the computer and not the phone I can see your shirt. Your adorkability just went up. I heart it!
A) You are just made of all things adorable, aren't you?
B) Your boyfriend looks a little stiff there. Heh.
C) You made me wheezesnarflaugh on a day when I was quite sure that wasn't possible :) Muah and hugs!!
2. Of fucking course he's stiff. What am I? An amateur?! ;) I tend to have that effect on him. XD
3. I'm overjoyed I could make you smile, love. It's the least I could do for all the awesomeness you spread around. Effing heart you hardcore. <3
omg this is so adorable :)
thank you!! Your avi is pretty fucking cute too! I had way too much fun. :)
omg. you are so cute.

and your boyfriend is pretty hot, js.
OMG Lore, you kill me! This is so fucking adorable I can't stand it! I love the shirt and of course, knowing you have the whole lead foot problem, I HAVE to get you the "I Drive Like a Cullen" bumper sticker. Cuz you would put that on your car, right? Since you'll put Team Cullen on your boob...

Thanks for the laugh. After operation "A Tree Falls on My Driveway in Mount Laurel" I didn't think it was possible, but you did it. *mwah*
AUNTY L! I chuckled SO HARD! they are hilarious shots!

ps ily